Energy and Climate

Taking Planet Earth II to stage, Delta holds zero carbon concert for two straight years


Delta Electronics Foundation and udnFunLife co-host the Planet Earth II live in concert on 10 September at the Taipei Music Center, aiming to evoke public awareness of biodiversity. Following last year's adoption of energy-saving measures and purchase of renewable energy certificates, this year Delta again endeavors to make the concert achieve the zero carbon goal, further reducing the environmental impacts of the event, and fulfilling the responsibility of climate mitigation. 

Continuing the acclaimed momentum generated by the Blue Planet II live in concert last year, Planet Earth II live in concert this year is also one of the BBC's most popular documentary classics. The use of a number of forward-looking technologies such as drones, aerial, and remote photography marks a milestone in the field of filming and producing nature documentaries. The documentary crew traveled through 40 countries and captured many wild animals that had never been photographed before, such as a snow leopard mother with her daughter in the Himalayas, and a giraffe kicking lions in the face.

Adopting Delta's 8K UHD laser projector to project a magnificent image on the 800-inch giant screen, along with the renowned music from Hans Zimmer and performed by the Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra and the Taipei Philharmonic Chorus, the concert not only amazes the audience with its audio-visual effects, but also brings people the immersive experience of the beauty and magnificence of the Nature. 

Mr. Bruce Cheng, the founder of Delta Electronics and the chairman of Delta Electronics Foundation, expressed that, human beings share the natural environment with creatures. However, climate change is affecting all species on Earth. During the first half of 2022, the world continually experienced wildfires, extreme heatwaves, floods, droughts, and more natural hazards. Not only humans are suffered, but also many lives are affected. Through the audio-visual feast of Planet Earth II live in concert, we hope to evoke public awareness on biodiversity loss.

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