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Asia University and Delta Electronics Foundation Co-organizes the “Earth Pulsing: Nurturing Life Exhibition.” It Is the First Exhibition to Use 100% Renewable Electricity


Asia University Museum of Modern Art and Delta Electronics Foundation co-organize the "Earth Pulsing: Nurturing Life Exhibition" on July 30. The exhibition has been officially held at Asia University Museum of Modern Art. This is the first major exhibition themed on ecology and art in the country. The 8K UHD projector of Delta Electronics has been used to project the environmental film, Planet Earth II, produced by BBC, as well as the 55th Houston International Film Festival's Gold Award-winning documentary films, Life in the Coral Reefs and Swimming with Humpback Whale, two eco-documentaries produced by Delta Electronics Foundation. The physical part of the exhibition features the paintings based on the exploration of nature by contemporary Taiwanese artists, including Paul Chiang, Ming-Chang Huang, Anderson Yang, and Tzu-Chi Yeh, as well as the idea of immersive light art developed by the School of Design at Asia University. The issues of life on earth and sustainable development have been investigated through the combination of projection technology and art.

The founder of Asia University, Chang-Hai Tsai, said that it is the social responsibility of universities and corporations to promote the sustainable development of the Earth through the combination of the concepts of smart university and aesthetic education. President Jing-Pha Tsai indicated that the 17 SDGs of the United Nations are integrated into the 1,460 courses provided by Asia University and that Asia University is doing its best to cultivate "green and gold talents" for sustainable development. In the future, Asia University will continue to cooperate with Delta Electronics to fulfill the responsibility as global citizens.

The founder of Delta Group and the chairperson of Delta Electronics Foundation, Mr. Bruce Cheng, emphasized that the climate report released by the IPCC of the United Nations clearly indicates that climate change caused by human activities has impacted all corners of the world, causing the silent extinction of many species. Through the exhibition, he hoped to show the public the rich biodiversity and natural wonders of the Earth. The vice chairperson of Delta Electronics Foundation, Ms. Shan-Shan Kuo, added that the Foundation also adopted the techniques of bamboo weaving to recreate the art installation "Birth" located on the Northeast coast. The egg-shaped appearance symbolizes the protection for the birth of corals. The involvement of the foundation in the coral restoration process on the Northeast coast is also introduced at the spot. It is hoped that there will be more people paying attention to ecological issues.

In addition, Delta Electronics donates "green electricity" to supply all the electricity needs of the venue for nearly four months, creating an innovative low-carbon exhibition model using 100% renewable electricity together with Asia University. In recent years, global warming and environmental conservation have become critical issues worldwide. "Earth Pulsing: Nurturing Life Exhibition" combines visual images and art to share the beauty of Taiwan with the public and to call for the cherishing of the environment. The exhibition will run from July 30 to November 20, 2022.

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